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Lịch chiếu WWE/UFC (Giờ VN GMT +7)
Raw : trực tiếp 7:00 - 10:30 Thứ 3 hàng tuần
Smackdown chiếu lại vào sáng thứ 7 hàng tuần
PPV : Trực tiếp 7:00 - 11:00 sáng thứ hai ngày
như sau :
Extreme Rules (5/5) , Payback (2/6)
Money In The bank (30/6), BattleGround (21/7)
Summer Slam (18/8), Night of Champions (22/9)
Hell In A Cell (27/10), Survivor Series (24/11)
Table, Ladder and Chairs TLC (15/12)

11/05 : UFC FightNight Brown vs. Silva
25/05 : UFC 173 Barao vs. Dillashaw
01/06 : UFC FightNight Munoz vs. Mousasi
01/06 : TUF Brazil 3 Dos Santos vs. Miocic
08/06 : UFC FightNight Henderson vs. Khabilov
28/06 : UFC FightNight Tehuna vs. Marquardt
29/06 : UFC FightNight Swanson vs. Stephens
06/07 : UFC 175 Weidman vs. Machida
07/07 : TUF Finale Team Edgar vs. Team Penn
17/07 : UFC FightNight Cerrone vs. Miller
20/07 : UFC FightNight McGregor vs. Miller

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[Phim tài liệu WWE]:CM Punk - Best In The World 2012 - Watch full DVD/Download

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CM Punk : Best in The World 2012 là DVD phim về cuộc sống và nghề nghiệp của một đô vật tài năng nhất thế giới hiện tại CM Punk.

Thông tin phim :

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 9 October 2012 (USA)
Director: Kevin Dunn

Nội dung chính [English]:

This is the official match listings for the DVD and my own personal reviews for each match. I've been a huge fan of CM Punk from the very beginning, so this set is like a dream come true. The matches on the set are ones that I had predicted would be on this set, which makes it a must have for any true Punk fan!

Brent Albright vs. CM Punk
OVW 3/1/06
This was the finals of the OVW Heavyweight title tournament after the title was vacated. This was a good bout, but I think that their rematch with Punk coming out on top would have been a better choice but either way it's a great opportunity to see Punk pre-WWE.

CM Punk's WWE in Ring Debut vs. Justin Credible
ECW 8/1/06
This match introduces the WWE Universe to CM Punk and give us a sneak peek as to what we would all expect from him as he progressed...

CM Punk vs. John Morrison
ECW 9/4/07
This was Punk's last chance at Morrison's ECW title after chasing the belt the last three PPVs. This contest was an excellent showing on both and in the end it marked a well deserved win for the victor of the match and of their feud.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Wrestlemania 24
This would be the first of two back to back Money in the Bank victories for Punk at Mania, with this match being the better of the two. From the combatants involved and all of the insane spots that occurred, this Money in the Bank match could very well be the best of them all.

World Tag Team Championship Match
CM Punk and Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase
RAW 10/27/08
This match was Punk and Kingston's way of revenge toward Legacy who costed Punk his World Championship at Unforgiven and attacked Kingston who had come to his aid as well. Unfortunately, the team would drop the belts not too long after and would not be seen teaming together as much.

No DQ Match for IC Championship
CM Punk vs. William Regal
RAW 1/19/09
This match took place in Punk's hometown, and he did not disappoint one bit. Regal and himself mesh very well together and when all was said and done Punk brought home the gold.

TLC Match for World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy
Summerslam 2009
This would be Punk's first World title win not resulting in a Money in the bank cash in, and was also hi first real heel run in WWE. This match had plenty of table smashing, chair crashing, and ladder leaping to go around, including Hardy's sick Swanton off off a REALLY TALL LADDER!!!! All in all very good match.

CM Punk's Hair vs. Rey Mysterio Joining SES
CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio
Over the Limit 2010
Anytime you throw these two superstars together, you are bound to have a classic matchup (see Capitol Punishment 2011 and Armageddon 2008 for proof). I didn't find this match to be on top of their other matches, but this will not disappoint either, and the stipulations just added more intensity to this match on both ends.

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk vs. John Cena
Money in the Bank 2011
This match right here is without question the greatest match in 2011, and the greatest Cena match in God knows when (maybe ever...). I'm not a Cena fan, but I will give him credit whenever he puts on a good performance, hence this match. Despite all of the outside stories to this match, it didn't hold it back one bit and these two put on an awesome spectacle for a good half hour with so many twists and turns that if you didn't know the outcome you would keep bouncing back from Cena to Punk. Keep in mind that once again they are in Punk's hometown, which really lets Cena know who they're gunning for in this match.

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
Wrestlemania 28
This match was long overdue for me. I had always wanted to see these two compete on a bigger stage and Wrestlemania couldn't have been a better choice. I know they have had a couple matches in the past, but were nowhere near this level and didn't give a performance quite as good as this one. This match was simply awesome, and the counters were spot on and sometimes not seen until they happened.

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan
Over the Limit 2012
I was really nervous this match wouldn't be on here, but thank God it is!!!! This match once I heard was booked was my same reaction as to his previous contest with Jericho: AMAZING!!!! And this match lived up to and exceeded expection. These two really know how to work, and prove why they are the best in the business today.

That just about wraps up my review! Hopefully I was helpful to you in anyway and if you're a fan of CM Punk, quality matches, a good documentary, or the WWE, this will be a must have for you!

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